for Android
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SMS and MMS Diary for Android Phones
Your SMS and MMS messages contains your life story! Take care of those messages and save them as a diary with the SMS and MMS Diary application for Android. As you run the application on your Android phone, it will read all your SMS and MMS messages and create a diary of them. The diary is created in a format that can be read by any Internet browser and by most word processing applications. As the diary is created, four pages will be created: 1) The main page with table of contents 2) A diary sorted by date 3) A diary sorted by contact name 4) A statistics page that will display some graphs on how much you do messaging on your phone.
Download SMS and MMS Diary
Download SMS and MMS Diary from Google Play. If you make sure that you install the application from Google Play then you will automatically get new releases with the latest features. The basic version of the application is free of charge. The version that saves the MMS attachments (such as images and vieo clips) is available at a low cost.
Save to Dropbox and Google Drive
As the diary has been created, you can choose to save it to your Dropbox account or Google Drive account. When you do that, all the diary files (the HTML files and the MMS attachments such as images and video clips) will be copied to your account making it easy to access the files from any computer connected to your Dropbox/Google Drive account.