Buy SMS & MMS Diary

The IMEI number from your phone
When you buy the SMS & MMS Diary program, then you will receive a license key with which you can unlock the program so that all functionality will be available for you. The license key is calculated from the IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identification - a phone serial number) in your phone. Therefore you must supply the IMEI number with the purchase. If you dial the sequence *#06# on your phone, then the IMEI number will be displayed.
The license key is valid for all future releases of the program.

How to buy the program
The SMS and MMS Diary costs 9 US dollars and you buy it through an Internet bank that is called Paypal. PayPal is one of the largest Internet Banks and all money transactions are 100% secure. All common credit cards are accepted. You can read more about PayPal on the PayPal web site

Enter the IMEI number of your phone and then click on the "Continue to PayPal"-button to finalize the payment at PayPal. When you finalize the payment at PayPal, you will be asked to enter your email address and it is very important that you enter a correct email address because the license key will be sent to that address.

Enter your IMEI number:
Please note that it may take up to 24 hours before you will receive the license key (mostly it is a lot quicker than that though).