Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to install the program I get a message saying that the certificate is invalid?
This problem can happen on the latest Nokia phones. You must configure your phone to accept programs that have not been "signed". Go to the
Application Manager/settings/ and enable 'all' as opposed to 'signed certificates'.

I want the SMS and MMS Diary to become my default messaging program, is that possible?
If you have an S60 phone (Nokia, Samsung), then you can assign the left softkey in the standby screen to launch the SMS and MMS Diary program. To do that, you shall navigate (from standby screen):
Main menu -> Tools -> Settings -> General -> Personalization -> Standby -> Shortcuts:
Note though that the navigation path above may differ a bit from phone to phone.

When I run the "save as diary" I get "There was a problem when your diary should be created. Error code: -26"
This error code means that the "disk is full". So either your memory card is full or the internal phone memory is full.

When I install the program, then I get a message saying "Application not compatible with phone, continue anyway". Have I done anything wrong?
This message is usually displayed when the program is installed in a Nokia phone. You can ignore it.

Does the program delete my messages in the phone?
Absolutely not. The SMS & MMS Diary program will only read messages from your phone and create a message diary out of them. No messages will ever be deleted (unless if you explicitly run the "Delete message" command from the menu).

Does SMS & MMS Diary support all international characters?
Yes it does. As long as you have a web browser that supports all the characters and you have proper fonts installed, then your diary web pages will look alright.

After I have performed a "Save as Diary" then I cannot find the diary files. So where are the diary web pages stored?
The diary html files are stored in a folder called "SmsDiary" and that folder is put in the root of your memory card.

How do I buy a registered version of SMS & MMS Diary?
On this page you will find all information you need.