The fastest SMS and MMS viewer in the world!

The SMS & MMS Diary program is undoubtedly the fastest message viewer in the world! Some people claims that IPhone has the fastest and best user interface for list boxes in mobile phones with the support for "flick-scroll" etc. However, we claim that the SMS & MMS Diary program is even faster and better! Download your copy today and try it out yourself!

Use SMS & MMS Diary as your message reader
As you will find when you try the program, the SMS & MMS Diary program can not only be used to create diaries from your messages. It can also be used to view your messages in a simple and extremely fast way (in your phone). Your messages are displayed in a "chat-like" way and hence it is very easy to follow your message conversations with your friends. Messages that you have sent are displayed right-aligned and messages that you have received are displayed left-aligned. Try it and compare with the speed and usability of your built in message viewer. The image below is a screenshot of the program. Click on it to see larger images.

Screenshots of the program. The leftmost images shows what the program looks like on your phone. The rightmost images shows an example of a diary that has been created with the program.

Create a Diary from your messages
However, one important feature of the SMS & MMS Diary program is that you can create an SMS and MMS Diary from all your messages. When you create such a diary, the program will create three web pages (a web page is an HTML file. Such files are displyed best in an Internet browser but you can also open them in, for instance, Microsoft Word). The three pages that are created consists of the following: 1) one page with a table of contents and statistics on how many messages you have sent and received, 2) one page that lists all your messages sorted by date and 3) one page that lists all messages sorted by name. The web pages are saved on the memory card in your phone and after the diary has been created you can transfer the web-pages to your pc and store them for future use.

The SMS & MMS Diary program runs on all -new- Symbian phones. For a detailed list of phone support, refer to the downloads section.

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