Reviews of the SMS and MMS Diary

What does the press and users say about the SMS and MMS Diary program? Below some reviews are listed.

2008-10-20: The online magazine
The online magazine made a review and gave the program three stars (of maximum four). You can read the review here.

2008-10-22: The online magazine
The online magazine recommends the program. You can read their comments here.

2008-11-16: Mr Grey, Russia
This is a super program! I use it on E66 one week - a best program. There was much well that SMS and MMS diary itself appeared on screen, when comes SMS, for quick reading. This much comfortable, when wait the message. This will be an ideal alternative all existing program. Then You will give 5 stars.

2008-11-01: Lawrence Buccat, Philippines
SMS Chat seems to have been replaced by this new app as my threaded SMS viewer of choice on my E71.SMS and MMS Diary is an app that basically threads ALL SMS(and supposedly MMS) received into one long thread making it easier to keep track of conversations. This system is different from SMSChat's and ThreadSMS's system of keeping conversations organized based on the sender or recipient. I know it can get a little confusing if you are having multiple conversations but I guess taking away that organizing step has made this application very speedy compared to the previous apps that I have mentioned. It has now occupied my dedicated right soft key shortcut from my active standby screen. I have been using this for the past two weeks and I am loving it!
Oh and a great plus is that it also archives your text messages to html format so you can easily have a searchable list.

2008-10-23: Niel van Heerden, Netherlands
A couple of Months ago I switched from Nokia N80 to SE W960. I figured that because they are both Symbian devices they would have similar functions but the W960 would have the edge because of the touch screen. I soon discovered that the UIQ3 interface was very different to the S60 interface. It took me a while to get use to UIQ3 and now that I have I prefer it to S60. The only thing I hate about UIQ3 is the messaging – it is extremely slow.
This is where SMS & MMS Diary comes in.
I only discovered this program today and it is a very effective solution to the slow speed of the default messaging application on UIQ3.
When you run the application you get a scrollable list with all you messages, neatly divided by a red line. The message text is in white on a black background and is very easy to read. Moving you finger up or down on the screen smoothly scrolls the list up and down. A menu is activated when you tap on a message which gives you options to Reply, Delete, Sort, Save as Diary and some Licensing and Buying Options.
* Clean and Readable interface and Menus
* Very quick to read messages
* Scrolling of messages with finger
* Shows SMS & MMS with pictures in the same list
* It can be difficult to find a particular message if you many stored on you phone.
* The scroll speed is difficult to control
In short I would say that SMS & MMS Diary is a very good application with a clean interface and menus and will get even better because the developer is still working on some improvements.

2008-10-21: Michal Bartos, Poland
I've just discovered Your software - SMS & MMS Diary. It's great!!! I use it on my Nokia N95 8GB and will certainly buy it soon :) I have two questions concerning future releases:
1. I have over 300 messages and it would be great to have real time filtering by entering first letters of contact name. Let me give You an example. I want to view SMS history with Kate. So I open SMS Diary and have all messages. I start typing KATE on my phone and after every letter the SMS history is narrowed to contacts that suit entered letters. After entering "K" I can see only SMS history with contacts that start with "K". After entering "A" after "K" I can see only history with contacts that start with "KA" etc. Could You do it? If yes, it would be just perfect software.
2. Second thing is the scrolling speed. It's very fast even if I push down arrow only once and short. It's hard to read SMS history when it scrolls so fast. It's great that when I push down arrow on my phone longer, the scrolling speed increases. That's perfect. But scrolling speed when I push down arrow only once is too big. Also - when I push down arrow on my mobile once, the SMS history moves down a little bit longer - slower and slower and finally it stops. It would be great to make it stop scrolling a little bit earlier. Can You add options/settings menu in the program to adopt the scrolling speed to one's needs?

2008-10-20: Christoph Schneider, Germany
“My first impression of SMS and MMS Diary for UIQ3 is a very good one. After the installation on my P1i, I started the program and was really impressed by the smooth scrolling functions. It does not matter if I scroll quickly or slowly, the letters remain readable all the time, which is not at least a consequence of the black-white contrast between the font and the background. The red horizontal rows help to distinguish very easily between the single messages.
Nevertheless, I also have some suggestions how your program could be further improved; One point is that one might add the contacts’ pictures to the software, so that not only the name of the contact one gets a message from but also its picture (of course in a smaller size than the original one) is shown, as the left-right orientation does not at all help me to distinguish between incoming and outgoing messages. Furthermore, you could add a menu in which one can choose contacts, and in the following only the messages from/to this contact are shown, as this would help to understand the conversation really much, particularly if one has a big amount of messages from different contacts.
All in all, I have to say that SMS and MMS Diary is a really great program for UIQ3 – and this is not only because now I also have an extremely cool messaging application and can keep up with my friends using the iPhone or a messaging application for Windows Mobile ;-)
To my mind, your application might become one of the best ones ever for UIQ phones (if it gets further developed and maybe some things are improved) and I am sure I will keep it in daily use on my smartphone.”